Congratulations to Spokane business Ed’s Premier Auto Body; the recipient of the 2013 Clean Air Award. The award will be presented by Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency (Spokane Clean Air) today at Spokane County’s “Way to Go” recognition event, starting at 11:30 a.m. at the Davenport Hotel.

SRTC’s Executive Director Kevin Wallace is the keynote speaker for the event.
Ed’s Premier Auto Body is being recognized for their comprehensive approach to auto body repair, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced air emissions. Emission reductions include toxic air pollutants and volatile organic compounds.

Ed’s has worked to increase the efficiency of paint transfer, which saves paint and reduces emissions. Ed’s sends it’s painters to an expensive, comprehensive painter training program in Seattle to learn to paint better, therefore more efficiently.

Fifteen years ago, in an effort to reduce hazardous waste generated by the collision repair process, Ed’s  started distilling dirty solvents and recapturing solvents from waste paints so that they can be reused. They currently distill about 10 gallons of dirty solvent per day, reducing hazardous wastes to less than 120 gallons per year. Without recycling the solvents, they would generate 2,600 gallons of hazardous waste per year, adding up to 36,000 gallons of solvents that have been recycled and reused in 15 years. Ed’s Premier Auto Body also recycles all of the waste oil and waste antifreeze generated from repair jobs.
In addition, in 2012, Ed’s upgraded their lighting, light fixtures and retrofitted their natural gas heating system as a result of an energy audit by their utility provider. Those upgrades have improved the building’s efficiency, resulting in reduced electricity and natural gas use, which also reduces air pollution emissions.
The Clean Air Award is given annually to a company that demonstrates innovation, leadership, and a strong commitment to reducing air emissions.

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