Congratulations to SRTC GIS Analyst Kevin! He won this handy-dandy dustbuster for taking part in Spokane’s Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) program. That means he either rode the bus, walked, biked, or carpooled to work at least one day last month, or worked a compressed schedule. This is me presenting Kevin with his prize. I’m the Employee Transportation Coordinator for the CTR program in our office so I got the honor, and as you can see, we’re both very excited about it.

So who says men don’t like to clean? Since receiving his prize, Kevin has been non-stop dustbusting, including his keyboard

and even cleaning the cracks in the cubicle walls with the attached ‘crevice tool.’ I told him I’d bring in my cat Bob tomorrow to dustbust as he’s starting to shed.

So how can you be cool like Kevin and win a CTR prize too? Here’s a link to more info on CTR.

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