Spokesman-Review Letter to the Editor
Drivers are Selfish

We have all noticed the construction on I-90. For whatever reason, one lane or the other is closed at some point between the Cheney on-ramp and the Maple Street exit. Unfortunately, there is no way to improve roads without inconveniencing driver so we are forced to cope.

I make the annoying drive into Spokane daily and every trip forces me to lose more and more faith in humanity. There are signs warning of the lane elimination for about three miles before the merging takes place; however, regardless of the warning signs, traffic seems at a standstill until the lane is completely taken away, when traffic reaches a normal speed once all the merging is over with.

This is because of the selfish drivers who race up to the barriers with their signal on waiting for someone equally as moronic to let them in. If people just merged over when they saw their lane was going to end, we would all be able to avoid the crawling speed and whiplash-evoking stops while everyone tried to merge at the same time.

Nicole Erickson

Ms. Erickson has a point; it’s not only annoying and causes congestion to merge at the last possible minute, but it’s also a safety issue. Only thing she didn’t say that I wish she had was that if a lot of you folks heading to or from Cheney from downtown would get on the bus, it would relieve some of that congestion. There, getting off my soapbox now.

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