Spokesman-Review Letters to the editor
Bus schedule inconvenient

On Saturday, Aug. 30, my wife, daughter and myself decided to go to Pig Out in the Park. For a change we decided to take the bus and save some money, more to spend at Pig Out, and do our small part to save gas and help the environment. So I start up the computer to check on bus schedule for our area.

Lo and behold, the bus does not run in our area after 1:15 p.m. on a Saturday. We live in the Edgecliff area and this route 94 would be convenient, but not on a Saturday afternoon. They want us to ride the bus and do our part, but if it does not run at convenient times how can I ride it?

I feel that this is the biggest question facing our bus system: Do people not ride the bus because it is not convenient, or is the bus inconvenient because not enough people ride the bus all of the time to warrant more buses and more routes? Sure, I could walk 10 blocks instead of two blocks and catch the bus on Sprague, but once again that is not convenient for me.

Lee Hirschel

What do you think folks, is Mr. Hirschel right? Since I don’t leave home on weekends (if I can help it), I have no idea what kind of service is offered. If you’re a bus rider, let me know how weekend service stacks up on your route.

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