A proposed state transportation revenue package was proposed early this year that was divisive on several fronts. Some people felt it didn’t go far enough to to meet the needs of kids walking to school, seniors trying to maintain their transportation independence, and bicycle users. A bike tax was also included in the package, which angered many bicyclists, who say they already pay taxes that help with road maintenance and construction, as most own vehicles in addition to bikes. 

A few months later and a new proposal is now on the table, which includes $100 million for Complete Streets grants, $15 million for trail projects, and it no longer includes the additional fee on the sale of new bikes. Also, a proposed amendment would provide an additional $250 million for bike/walk projects: an immediate $100 million for projects around the state, another $100 million over the life of the proposal for additional projects as they’re identified, and $50 million for Safe Routes to School.

While the Bicycle Alliance of Washington says this isn’t a dream package by any stretch of the imagination, they acknowledge it is a move in the right direction and the group supports the package. If you agree and support this proposal, the Alliance is asking you to take a small action. Here’s what they would like you to do.

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