My office is at the corner of Sprague and Bernard. Most days I ride the bus to work, so I have to get back to the bus stop at the end of the day. That requires crossing Sprague headed northbound. Four out of five days, someone nearly runs me over when I’m attempting to do this, then yells at me. This is because, when the light is red at that corner, drivers can take a free right turn after stopping. The light changes to red, I look for the ‘walk’ sign to go, then generally am almost creamed by someone who either didn’t stop or merely paused at the red before taking their free turn, then yells at me for having the audacity to walk when the light tells me to.

I mention this because the topic of the Where the Sidewalk Starts blog today is how dangerous right turn on red are for pedestrians. Sentiment lately seems to be that they’re not dangerous, but some research shows otherwise.

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