We just wrapped up a ‘call for projects’ for the Surface Transportation Program (STP) for 2013-2016. A call for projects means we have a certain amount of money to disperse to local transportation projects, so we put out a call asking area jurisdictions to submit projects that they would like to have funded.

STP is a  funding program for surface transportation projects. It provides for a wide range of transportation-related activities including: roadway and bridge construction, reconstruction, and maintenance; transit capital projects; carpool projects; bicycle and pedestrian projects and programs; safety projects; traffic monitoring and management; and transportation enhancement activities. We have $22.5 million in STP funds to give out in four categories:

Roadway Preservation  projects are intended to improve/preserve the structural integrity of existing roadways with no significant geometric improvements. This includes projects such as grind and overlays.  Alternative mode improvements* can be part of the project but are limited to 10% of the total project cost.

Roadway Reconstruction projects are intended to rebuild existing roadways full depth. A reconstruction project may include alternative mode improvements*, but it should be limited to 10% of the total cost. A reconstruction project includes replacing asphalt intersections with concrete or improving sight distances.
Roadway Improvement projects construct a new roadway or widen an existing roadway to place additional lanes or turn lanes. A project that does not require additional right-of-way but significantly changes travel patterns (i.e. road diet) may also qualify as a roadway improvement. An improvement project may include alternative mode improvements*, limited to 10% of the total project cost.
Other Non-Roadway projects are those that do not include roadway improvements, or the roadway improvements are limited to 10% of the total project cost. This includes projects such as bicycle and/or pedestrian facilities, transit capital projects, traffic management and transportation enhancements.
*Alternative mode improvements are projects that include the addition of or improvement to pedestrian facilities, bike facilities, transit facilities and ITS and communications improvements.

We’ve put together the table below (click on it to view it larger) of the applications submitted to give you an idea of the need in our community to maintain our transportation facilities. Here’s how it shook out:

With only $22.5 million in STP funds, we obviously can’t fund ALL these projects. So here’s what comes next:

  • August 6-10- A team of experts from local jurisdictions will review pavement conditions of Roadway Preservation and Roadway Reconstruction applications.
  • August 13-17- SRTC staff and members of the Transportation Technical and Transportation Advisory committees will score the projects.
  • September TTC/TAC Meetings- review scoring results and rcommend prioritized list(s)
  • November 8- The SRTC Board will approve a prioritized list.
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