Craig Road Improvement Project, Medical Lake-Four Lakes Road to SR-902– Overlay of the existing asphalt. Lane restrictions both directions through the end of August.

Market Street, Houston to Lincoln– Installing curb, sidewalk, ramps, catch basins, drywells, swales, sewer pipe, repair and replace asphalt. Road closed through August 8.

Monroe Street Improvements, Francis to Greta- Removing/abandoning existing drainage structures, installing catch basins, pipe, sidewalk, curb, reconstructing a traffic signal, asphalt grind, repair and repave. Road closed with a detour in place through end of August.

Ritchey Road Bridge– Removal of the existing bridge & Replace with new structure. Closed through the end of August.

Trails Road, from Old Trails Road to Euclid Road- Roadway excavation, embankment compaction, paving. Lane restrictions both directions through the end of August.

Hastings Road, Standard Drive to Standard Drive- Outside westbound lane and sidewalk closure through August 1 to pull fiber through manholes.

Thomas Mallen Road, Hallett Road to Aero Road- Closed through August 12 for plat and road improvements.

9th Ave., Raymond Road to University Road- Sidewalk project. Full road closure 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily through August 4.

12th Avenue, Bowdish Road to Wibur Road- Sidewalk project. Full road closure from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily through the end of August.

Bowdish Road, 12th Avenue to 8th Avenue- Sidewalk project. Full road closure 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. through August 31.

Euclid Avenue between Flora Road and Tschirley Road- Road/sewer project. Intermittent lane closures for shoulder work through August 1.

Indiana Avenue at Mirabeau Parkway and Evergreen Intersections- Crosswalk pavement marking. Intermittent lane closures from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on August 3.

Saltese Road, 16th Avenue to 24th Avenue- Street Preservation Project. Full road closure 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily through the end of September.

Sullivan Road and Euclid Avenue Intersection- Reconstructing intersection with concrete. The southwest corner of the intersection is closed. Turning movements are restricted. Traffic is detoured via Marietta Ave. Expect delays through August 25.

37th Avenue, Regal to Custer Streets- 37th Avenue is closed between Regal Street and Ray Street. This work is to reconstruct the road, include pavement replacement, curbs, sidewalk, bike lanes, stormwater piping, and a water main.

Barnes Road from Strong Road to Phoebe Street– Strong Road from Rustle to Phoebe is closed to traffic. This project includes installation of a 12-inch water line, new pavement, curb, sidewalk and drainage facilities.

Bridge Avenue and Monroe Street CSO Work– Summit Boulevard/Bridge Avenue is closed to traffic. Crews will be paving Lincoln on Monday, July 31. Starting Tuesday, August 1, the connection across Monroe will proceed for another two weeks. Monroe will be closed between College and Summit Boulevard. Summit Boulevard between Lincoln and Monroe will be open during this work and will be part of the detour route. Both the Post Street and Monroe Street bridges also will be open.

Lincoln has one northbound lane open.  Lincoln southbound is closed at Broadway. This project will construct a Combined Sewer Overflow Tank (CSO) tank and piping.

Downtown Bicycle Network Phase III– Phase 3 of the Downtown Bike Network has begun. Expect lane restrictions including limited parking at Sprague/Riverside Avenue from Bernard to Maple Street and 1st Avenue from Walnut to Bernard Street.

Division Street Gateway Project, 3rd Avenue to Spokane Falls Boulevard- Phase 3 of construction has started. This phase includes lane closures along the west side of Division and Browne Street from Sprague to Spokane Falls Boulevard. This project includes electrical conduit replacement, stormwater updates, asphalt patching, curb and sidewalk replacement and landscaping.

Hayford Force Main Replacement/West Plains Chlorine Injection Station- This project includes replacing 950-feet of PVC with ductile iron pipe and construction of a chlorine injection station. Construction has closed Hallett Road between Thomas Mallen Road and Westbow Road. A detour is in place.

Liberty Park Combined Sewer Overflow Tank 33-1- Work continues with traffic impacts on 5th Ave. from Arthur to Perry and Denver and Celesta. This work is to construct a 2 million gallon Combined Sewer Overflow Tank to keep storm overflow out of the Spokane River.

Monroe and Lincoln Street, Main Avenue to 2nd Avenue– Paving starts Monday, July 31 at 7 p.m. Two lanes will be maintained on both streets throughout the work, as well as east-west access through intersections except during night paving when each intersection will be closed for a time.

This is a full depth roadway replacement and full depth replacement between curbs on Lincoln Street and Monroe Street; Main Avenue from Monroe Street to Lincoln Street; and Monroe Street from Spokane Falls Boulevard to Main Avenue. Some minor curbing and ADA curb ramps will be installed where necessary.

Spokane Falls Boulevard Combined Sewer Overflow Tank (CSO 26) Project- Downtown traffic changes on Spokane Falls Boulevard and Lincoln Street have started to accommodate construction of a 2.2 million-gallon concrete CSO tank across from the Downtown Library.

  • Spokane Falls Boulevard from Lincoln to Monroe is closed to traffic.
  • Lincoln Street from Spokane Falls Boulevard to Main is open with traffic now redirected southbound. Lincoln is the detour route for traffic coming from the River Park Square garage and Spokane Falls Boulevard.  Lincoln has two lanes of traffic, and drivers are required to go east or west at Main Avenue.

Sprague Avenue, Helena Street to Stone Street– Phase I of this project, Sprague Avenue between Altamont to Napa is now open to traffic. Crews are focusing on phase II, Sprague Avenue just west of Napa to just west of Helena. Work for this project includes a full street reconstruction, partial sidewalk replacement, bumpouts, landscaping, pedestrian lighting, and utility replacement.

TJ Meenach Combined Sewer Overflow Tank, CSO I-03- Construction on this CSO tank located to the east of TJ Meenach Drive, below Northwest Boulevard, continues. TJ Meenach Drive is closed from Northwest Boulevard to Pettit Drive until approximately Friday, September 15. TJ Meenach from north of the bridge to Northwest Boulevard will be closed until late August. This project will construct a 1.4 million gallon Combined Sewer Overflow Tank (CSO) tank and the necessary piping for our Cleaner River Faster Program.

Upriver Drive Combined Sewer Overflow Tank, CSO 41- Upriver Drive is now open from west of Freya to east of Rebecca.  Rebecca remains closed to from Upriver Drive to south of Ermina for work on the CSO Tank.  A detour is in place for the Centennial Trail.

Adams Street Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) 24 Project- This project will construct a 2.4 million gallon Combined Sewer Overflow Tank (CSO) tank and piping to keep storm runoff out of the Spokane River.

  • Adams Street between 1st and Sprague Avenue is reduced to one lane on the east side of the road. There is no on street parking.
  • 1st Avenue is reduced to one lane eastbound in the furthest south lane. There is no on street parking from Cedar to just short of Jefferson Street.
  • Sprague Avenue is closed to all westbound traffic from Jefferson to Cedar. Local access only will be provided for adjacent parking lots and KHQ’s parking garage. Eastbound traffic is permitted on Sprague Ave from Adams to Jefferson. No on street parking is permitted from Jefferson to Cedar Street.
  • Westbound Riverside is open to traffic and serves as the detour route for the Sprague Ave. closure.
  • Eastbound Riverside is closed from Cedar to Jefferson Street. Local access and parking is permitted via westbound Riverside.

US 2/Francis Ave to Division Wye- Asphalt paving and sidewalk/ADA improvements. Night work started Friday, July 28. Crews are grinding and paving the driving lanes and turn lanes at signalized intersections. Division Street is reduced to one lane during evening and overnight hours with congestion and slow traffic. Daytime lane restrictions occur northbound 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. and southbound 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Nighttime lane restrictions occur 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. all directions.

I-90 Eastbound/Liberty Lake Interchange- Liberty Lake Road restoration. Be alert for congestion and delays at the I-90 eastbound on and off ramps, Appleway, and Liberty Lake Road intersection.  Work hours are 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. US 195/Colfax to Spangle-Passing Lanes- Add two passing lane segments; one northbound and one southbound in the vicinity of Steptoe. Beginning today 7/31, be alert for flaggers directing single-lane traffic at work locations with possible delays.  Work hours are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

SR 290/Mission to Sullivan Road- Asphalt paving and bridge deck repair. Trent Avenue is reduced to one lane in each direction at the Spokane River bridge in the vicinity of Pines Road and at the railroad bridge just east of Argonne Road. Drivers should anticipate slow traffic and congestion.  Mainline grinding and paving is scheduled to start August 7. NSC-US 395/North of Spokane River- The City of Spokane is placing surplus fill material for future NSC construction north of the Spokane River adjacent to Greene Street between Jackson and Marietta Avenues.

SR904/Mullenix Road to Betz Road- Asphalt paving and sidewalk ADA improvements. Crews will applying pavement markings installing permanent signing, and continue modifying signal wiring and vehicle detection through the City of Cheney. Be alert for lane restrictions.

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