Get ’em while they’re hot! The WSDOT announces their free state map is now available, and they’re doing it with the very humorous news release below. Good for you WSDOT, thanks for letting us know you’re not all typing monkeys. Oh wait, I think we just hired a couple of typing monkeys because that work cheaper than their human counterparts. Disregard that last comment.

And did you know that WSDOT has a ‘nationally recognized cartographer?’ Sweet! How do we get one of those?

May 23, 2008

Contacts: Al Gilson, WSDOT Communications (509) 324-6015

Tank of gas: $75; Knowing where you’re going: priceless

WSDOT releases the wildly popular, free, 2008 state map in time for Memorial Day travel

SEATTLE – While it’s not like waiting in line all night for the latest version of Grand Theft Auto, people do get excited about the biennial release of the WSDOT state map.

This year, WSDOT printed 800,000 maps. Anyone can get a free Washington State map by visiting the WSDOT Web site,, or by calling the map line at 360-705-7279.

The Washington State map, produced by WSDOT’s nationally recognized cartographer Mark Bozanich, is unlike any map you can get anywhere.

“We produce the only map that is all Washington. Other maps link us with Oregon and therefore have smaller print, fewer icons, less detailed city information,” said Bozanich.

What can you find on the WSDOT map that you can’t find on any other map? Here’s a look:

Larger print for baby boomers
Interesting location nuggets like Ranald McDonald’s grave in Ferry County
Amtrak routes
All 281 cities and their populations
Twelve city insets
Hill shading from the USGS
The new HOT lanes
The new South Lake Union Streetcar in Seattle

Commercial map publishers AAA and McGraw-Hill fact check their maps against ours because our cartographers and researchers have driven every inch of Washington State highways and stake their reputation on 100 percent accuracy. WSDOT has produced the maps every two years since 1931.

Having the map in your car allows you to travel our beautiful state and not worry about sketchy cell phone reception or going off the beaten path, unable to get back. It’s your guide to adventure, well-loved and used just like that old t-shirt you’ll be wearing this summer as you crisscross the state.

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