North Spokane Corridor/Francis Avenue Bridge and
Intersection Improvements-
Depending on weather, striping
work may be underway with some intermittent lane restrictions near the Francis Avenue Bridge just east of Market Street.  Market Street is running as single lanes in each direction through the Market/Francis
intersection on the west half of Market Street.  Francis Avenue is
operating as single lanes in each direction on the new bridge.  The south
side of the bridge along the traffic barrier is designated for the movement of
bicycles and pedestrians. Full construction will resume in the spring.

US 195/Cheney-Spokane Road Interchange- Depending on weather, signage
work may be underway with some intermittent lane restrictions.  In
general, northbound US 195 drivers need to be alert for slow traffic entering
the highway left lane from Cheney-Spokane Road.  The dedicated northbound
acceleration lane has been removed.  The northbound left turn lane
remains closed and is signed for no left turns.   US 195
northbound drivers must use Qualchan Road to access Cheney-Spokane Road. 
The southbound off ramp to Cheney-Spokane Road is open to traffic. 

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