Spokesman-Review Letters To The Editor
Expand clunker program

Nice article on the $4,500 clunker program a couple days ago. The pictured pickup is way better than what a lot of people own and drive. Why did the powers that be not consider a second tier program? Would it not make sense to give this truck to someone that is driving a real clunker? Sure it would take some thought and work to make it work. The way it is people will be turning in a lot of vehicles that would be a definite step up for many folks.
Get rid of the real junkers like the Nissan diesel wagon I watched belching and bouncing its way down Seltice in Post Falls recently. Take it in even trade for a much better vehicle. The owners of a lot of the real clunkers cannot afford to buy anything better than what they currently drive.

Dennis Stoeser
Newman Lake

What’s your opinion of the Cash for Clunkers program? I ‘m not sure how effective it’s going to be because, even though you get $4,500 for your car, YOU STILL HAVE TO MAKE PAYMENTS ON A NEW CAR so you’re not coming out ahead financially.

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