Letter to the editor: Tall folks’ nightmare

Moscow-Pullman Daily News

PULLMAN, Wash. – Have proponents of a vehicle fleet that averages 54.5 mpg any idea what adverse consequences lie in their campaign to save the environment from greenhouse gases or to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

The resulting little cars are a nightmare for tall folks. At 6 feet 2 inches, I don’t consider myself particularly tall (several people in my family are significantly taller), until I try to get into some of these mini-cars. Little cars are fine for little people. They also may be for young folks who don’t have bad knees or hips, or stenosis in the lower back.

I’d like to buy a Jeep Wrangler; but with the seat pushed as far back as it goes, I can barely get my feet on the pedals. I couldn’t safely drive it.

But this isn’t even the beginning of the nightmare. The maniacal push for high gas mileage is driving a lot of expensive technology on consumers, and it isn’t accounted for by proponents.

Just one example (to cope with space limitations on letter length): Disc brakes. Ever notice as the miles build up they begin to pulse and you have to have a mechanic true (grind down) the rotors? That’s because engineers have made the rotors so thin (to save weight) that the heat of braking warps them. So there’s a costly repair job. And it can only be done a time or two before you have to replace the rotors.

Any mechanic could cite a dozen or more other examples.

Terence L. Day,


I’ve heard a lot of objections to electric and more fuel efficient cars (the batteries are too expensive, there’s nowhere to plug them in, you can’t buy ethanol just anywhere, you can’t charge solar panels at night, etc.) but this is a new one. Any tall, or short, people have a rebuttal or supporting argument?

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