Spokesman-Review Letter To The Editor:

I am concerned about the unsafe entrances and exits on U.S. 195, between Hatch Road and downtown Spokane. The tragic deaths of a local teenager last winter and of a 9-year-old on Mother’s Day bring great urgency to finding a solution.

I am proposing an immediate and cost-effective short term fix: Post signs lowering the speed limit from 55 mph to 45 mph, between Hatch Road and 16th Avenue. This reduced speed limit would give drivers more reaction time and, logically, reduce accidents.

District 81 school buses travel this highway daily and the Eagle Ridge and Qualchan communities are full of soon-to-be 16-year-old drivers who will be navigating this treacherous stretch of highway. As a parent, I am terrified that there will be more accidents and heartbreak.

The reduced speed limit might add a minute to your commute, but would be well worth it if just one life was saved.

Rose Kelly Rhoades

Ms. Rhoades is right; this can be a scary stretch of road. The Washington State Department of Transportation is aware of this and has a plan to remedy it. Here’s a link to the WSDOT web page devoted to this project. Unfortunately, no funding is currently available to construct it, so do you agree with Ms. Rhoades that the speed limit should be dropped until something can be done?

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