Spokesman-Review Letter to the Editor

In response to Mr. Ray Moss’ letter (June 13), as both a cyclist and a motorist, I too am bothered by the “lawlessness” of many individuals on bicycles in the downtown area. The ill will they create only serves to arrest the progress Spokane is making in becoming more multimodal. I would also suggest they represent a very small minority of cyclists, the majority of whom use bicycles in a safe and respectful manner.

By having recently adopted the Spokane Master Bicycle Plan and hiring a bicycle-pedestrian coordinator, the city and City Council have demonstrated their desire to support all modes of transportation on Spokane’s streets. A component of the plan focuses on education and enforcement.

It’s our belief that over the coming years, such offenses will be lessened as both these areas are emphasized.

Whereas Mr. Moss’ recommendation about licensing as proof of rudimentary knowledge of rules of the road has merit, such efforts have often been unsuccessful in other communities, as well as having the unintentional consequence of discouraging cycling.

Bob Lutz
Chairman, Spokane Bicycle Advisory Board

What are your thoughts on the possibility of requiring bicyclists to license their bikes, much like drivers license their vehicles?

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