Spokesman-Review Letters to the Editor
Motorists must share tab revenue

Mr. David Bray (Letters, Feb. 21) comes out periodically in his negative ways to complain the new tab tax should only be used for street maintenance and not to allocate a few pennies of it toward sidewalks and bike lanes.

Mr. Bray should realize that pedestrians, cyclists and automobile drivers are not mutually exclusive. Some of us do three and, yes, we pay fuel tax, shop at the same stores as those that only drive and purchase shoes as well as fuel, tires, etc.

How narrow-minded and selfish to think that those of us that choose to live downtown and walk on sidewalks are somehow depriving drivers of cars in some way. Mr. Bray and those that believe there should be no funds allocated toward anything other than curb-to-curb paving are living in the dark ages.

Time to wake up and stop segmenting those of us that in actuality use the streets and sidewalks to not only drive but ride our bicycles and walk. After all, some of us actually pay taxes, too.

Steve Berde

Kudos to Mr. Berde for pointing out that everyone is a pedestrian at some time and that those who ride their bikes are also using the street.

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