Spokesman-Review Letters To The Editor
Havana bridge a waste

I do not understand the reason for a new million-dollar-plus bridge to be built over the railroad at Havana Street. There is a replacement bridge due to be built a half-mile to the west of there on Freya Street at a cost of millions. There will, in the near future hopefully, be a new bridge to the west of that on the north/south freeway. To the east of Havana one mile there is a near-new wonderful bridge on Fancher Road. Why do we need three new bridges over the railroad in less than a mile and a half?

Could not those tax dollars be put to more useful projects, such as an interchange at Highway 195 and Cheney-Spokane Road or to the completion of the north/south freeway? Surely there must be some more productive use of tax money than this.
A bridge over the railroad at Havana would be a waste as Havana dead-ends four blocks north of the railroad at Mission Avenue and a little over a mile south of the railroad at Eighth Avenue.

Larry Parker

There are large backups at Havana on a regular basis. The building of the Havana Street Bridge is part of the larger ‘Bridging the Valley’ project. Here’s more info on that to illustrate the need for this bridge.

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