Spokesman-Review Letter to the Editor
Bicylists should be seen

Though I haven’t for many years been on a bicycle, I applaud those who choose to do so for commuting, exercise and recreation, particularly when they obey the “laws of the road.” I do have one suggestion, however: That cyclists wear colorful clothing.

Recently, at dusk, mine was the first car at a local stop sign, about to turn right. On that particular corner, there are several political posters, a light standard and a utility pole. Just as I pulled out, a cyclist darted from the curb, amongst all that, and in front of me, wearing a helmet (that’s good!) and gray sweats. Fortunately, I saw him just in time.

City utility and private company construction workers are required to wear some neon reflective colors for their own visibility and safety. Cyclists should take the hint, whether it’s “cool” or not, and do likewise.

Janet Orr

I think I’d of been more mad about the bicyclist jumping out in front of her from the curb, but I guess you have to choose your battles.

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