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Valley shift irreversible

The Spokane Valley City Council is bound and determined to make Sprague and University the hub of the Valley, because they want to build a grand city hall there so all can come and worship at their feet.

A “world-class” consultant has told them to change the efficient one-way couplet back to two way traffic and “they will come” back to the Dishman area to spend money. (I think they’ve watched “Field of Dreams” too often.)

They want to save the tax base collected from Dishman merchants, but eliminate commercial development east of Sullivan (also tax base) to force the city back to the west. Dishman was the hub of the Valley up until about 50 years ago. Then the Valley center slowly moved east. Now it’s the Sullivan corridor.

Two-way or 10-way traffic is not going to move the Valley center back to Dishman.

By the time this City Council is done, the Valley will be in worse financial shape than the rest of the country. So have a happy New Year and don’t forget to pay the 6 percent phone tax the council levied on us.

Sally Jackson
Spokane Valley

Do you agree/disagree or other with Ms. Jackson?

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