Weather forecasts are calling for light snow and icy roads have been reported in outlying areas. That means hazardous driving conditions aren’t far behind. Don’t forget, you can navigate area roads and avoid situations such as backups caused by accidents and road closures this winter with the help of the Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center (SRTMC) website.

The website is a high-tech, regularly updated site with information throughout most of Spokane County. 24-hours a day you can watch almost 70 live traffic cameras, read about incidents and events that are automatically updated as they happen, and be alerted to road closures and delays in order to plan your commute accordingly.

Also, if you use Twitter, you can receive incidents and alerts that are posted on the SRTMC website by following the SRTMC here.

The SRTMC is a collaboration of the Cities of Spokane and Spokane Valley, Spokane Transit Authority, Spokane County, Washington State Department of Transportation, and the Spokane Regional Transportation Council.

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