I was just reading this story in the Las Vegas Journal about how the rising cost of gas could eventually hurt tourism this year.

I found that really interesting and I wondered if tourism related businesses around here are worried about it. I don’t think they have to worry too much about Canadian tourism because Canadians having been paying higher prices for gas for years, and their dollar is finally on par with our dollar. Still, I bet domestic tourism slows down this summer.

This story got me thinking about my own summer travel costs last year, and I have to say that I may have to consider less travel this summer. Steve Everett (our IT guy), and I are part of a competitive BBQ team and last year we competed all over the Pacific Northwest. We won a number of ribbons & trophies, and a little bit of money, but this year we are going to have scale things back — unless, of course, we start winning big money out of the gate.

How about you, have you given any thought to your summer travel plans?

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