If you’re using SRTC’s logo to promote your own beliefs, KNOCK IT OFF! Someone put a note on a gentleman’s car when it was parked in the Albertson’s parking lot at Argonne and Trent and the note had the SRTC logo at the top of it. The note complained about the amount of chrome on this person’s truck and made a somewhat derogatory reference to a sticker of the Mexican flag on the vehicle.

Here at SRTC, we’re not in the practice of putting notes on anyone’s cars, unless they’re parked in my reserved spot in the parking lot (the boss continues to maintain that I don’t have my own reserved spot but I beg to differ). And when we do that, we don’t use the company logo. So rest assured that it’s not SRTC discriminating against trucks with chrome or Mexico stickers.

And if you’re the culprit behind this, get your own logo.

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