Are you so busy that you don’t even have time to put gas in your car yourself? A new app could help. Or it could make us the laziest people on the planet. According to The Verge, WeFuel is basically like ordering anything else you need- parts for the refrigerator, clothes, you can even have groceries delivered these days.

To use it, you download the app, type in the location of your car and request a fuel delivery. Within about 30 minutes, a hazmat-certified driver arrives in a truck and fills your vehicle with gas. If your gas tank door doesn’t require a key, you don’t even have to be there.

The cost per gallon for the gas is calculated daily based on specific zip codes but where the company makes it’s money is from the $7.49 fill up fee. There are plans later to start a monthly scubscription service for unlimited fills at $19.99 per month per car, plus the price of the gas.

While WeFuel is only operating in the Silicon Valley currently, there are several other gas delivery apps that have sprung up lately, including Filld, GasNinjas, FuelMe and Yoshi. 

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