Blogger Holly challenged me to write this thread all in Yoda-speak but I’m going to save you the pain of having to read that and do it in my usual style.

I’m fairly un-trendy (I know- not a word) when it comes to purchasing gadgets. Because of this, I have resisted buying a GPS unit. That may change though because Star Wars voices are now available for Tom Tom devices. That’s right- Han Solo can direct you to the Quickie Mart to get a slurpy or C-3PO can give you directions to the nearest gun shop. And the coupe de gras is that Lord Vader himself can walk you through how to get to your new gym. Speaking of Darth, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at his recording session for Tom Tom. I’m not sure the sound man is still with us.

So where do you get your Star Wars Tom Tom voice? You can listen to voice samples and purchase voices here for $12.95.

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