I’ve got an update from Whitworth on a meeting tonight on campus. Greg Orwig, Communications Director at Whitworth, says the meeting tonight is not specifically to discuss the possiblity of vacating Whitworth Drive on the Whitworth campus.

The college has hired a master planning firm to help guide campus development for the next 10-20 years at Whitworth. Members from the firm will lead the meeting tonight to gain community input for the campus plan – particularly as it relates to the surrounding neighbors including the possibility of closing Whitworth Drive.

The decision about closure will be informed by the master plan and is not imminent. Ultimately, it’s a county commission decision so there will be ample opportunity for public input. More community meetings will be held before making a decision so there would be opportunity for direct input to Whitworth. Also, if Whitworth Drive was closed, chances are good a throughway would be maintained for bikes and pedestrians.

Some bicylists I heard from were concerned they would only be left with the shoulder of Highway 395 to ride on between Regina and Hawthone Drive. The vacation is being considered because of safety concerns about people trying to cross Whitworth Drive.

So if you’re still interested, the meeting is tonight (April 21) at 7 p.m. in Weyerhaeuser Hall (closest access is from the Field House parking lot).

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