So I’m happy to report that we all made it through the first annual SRTC staff retreat with no deaths, injuries, or even cuts or scratches. Centerplace was nice enough to let us use one of their rooms, where we not only had some fun, but also figured out some ways we can

work more effectively, work better with other agencies and jurisdictions, work better with each other, and how we can serve our ‘clients’ (other agencies, local electeds, the public, etc.)better.

One thing I’m really excited about is that Glenn agreed to let us take ‘field trips.’ We talk to all the area jurisdictions on a daily basis about their projects, but ask me about the NSC and I’m pretty fuzzy on a lot of the details. Same with some of our planners and some of the area bike paths. So we decided to take periodic field trips where we either ride a local bike path, take a hike or a walk through a park or neighborhood, or even take a drive through an area of interest. This will make us better prepared to answer questions when we’re out in the public.

Oh yeah, and he also said we can grow vegetables on the deck if we do it on our own time. Whoo hoo!

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