I was going to link an article here to a Journal of Business article on the move of the state line weigh station. The Journal charges to read their articles though so I’ll just hit the highlights so you know what’s going on:

– The weigh station, currently located on Interstate 90 near the Washington-Idaho border, is going to be moved about half a mile west and have its own dedicated freeway off- and -on ramps.

– The move will relieve traffic congestion at the nearby Idaho Road interchange and enable installation of sensors along the freeway that will monitor truck traffic.

– The low bidder on the project was Selland Construction out of Wenatchee, with a bid of $6.7 million- much lower than the engineers estimate of $10.3 million.

– The project is expected to start this spring and take about 18 months to complete.

– The new station will be equipped with a weigh-in-motion system that will allow trucks to be weighed while they are travelling at highways speeds.

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