I have to admit it- I’m not big on bike helmets. I still wear one of course but they’re not the most stylish item. If I had one like this though, I would wear my bike helmet all the time. Even at work.

Or there’s this stylish option for the men- and lots more. YAKKAY is a brand of bike helmets that can be fitted with any of a range of stylish covers in different colors and fabrics. They’re not cheap though- they go for about $145 American, plus $22 for shipping and you can buy an extra ‘cover’ for $57. Maybe I’ll just try making my own at home with a $20 Walmart helmet and a Goodwill hat.

For those of you who aren’t government workers and can afford this however, here’s a link to the YAKKAY website so you can look at all the cool options available.

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