Want to see something cool? Click here. It’s a website where you can find all the priority transportation projects for the entire state.

Curious how the Spokane region’s needs differ from other counties in the state or what kind of transit projects each county is investing in? You can find all that on this website.

SRTC, along with the state’s other Regional Transportation Planning Organizations, was recently tasked by the legislature with recommending investments for all types of transportation. To accomplish this, our Policy Board compiled a list of regional project priorities to work toward funding in the next ten years.

That information was presented to the legislature to demonstrate the need for transportation improvements and help make statewide transportation decisions. It was also posted to ‘Forward Washington,’ the website linked above.

The site features a map of all statewide projects, project descriptions, visualizations and project pictures for each jurisdiction. You can look up projects by region, legislative district or type.

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