So I’ve been telling you for a while now that we’ll be putting our ‘A Thousand Visions- Transportation Planning Game’ on line soon so that you can have all your friends over on Saturday night and play it. Well get ready because we’re getting closer. And you won’t just be playing for the personal satisfaction of knowing that you could make your community a better place- but also to win a prize!!

We’re rechecking dollar amounts and project details so we have all the most updated numbers involved in the game, and are expecting to ‘launch’ it probably mid-next week once we get all our t’s crossed and i’s dotted.

And- drumroll please- when you play the game, you go into a drawing to win a Tom Tom portable GPS!! If you’re like me, you probably get lost between your office and the break room. But no longer with your new GPS unit. Just enter where you’re trying to go and it will lead you there. First things first though, you have to play the game. So check back and I’ll give you notice when it’s available. The first person to play gets something off my desk. I haven’t decided what yet though, nothing expensive like my computer. I was thinking more along the lines of my Aflac duck key ring that quacks when you squeeze it or maybe the Frankenstein finger puppet I found in the conference room and claimed for my own. He’s missing a hand but in mint condition otherwise.

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