I work with a ‘non-motorized transportation group’ made up of members of local agencies and civic groups. As one of our projects, we conducted a walking audit of Monroe Street today. Our group consisted of a wide variety of people who can hopefully make conditions better along the busy street; representatives from the Lands Council, STA, City of Spokane, Futurewise, the Spokane Regional Health District, the County’s Commute Trip Reduction program, and even Officer Teresa Fuller from the Spokane Police Department and a citizen volunteer, Jenny Hoff, who is in a power chair and looked at accesibility issues.

So what did we find? A lot of narrow sidewalks, fast moving traffic, bicyclists darting in and out of traffic, cracked and potholed sidewalks, steep ADA ramps, very few striped crosswalks, and no bike parking- just to name a couple things.

The results are still being tabulated, but in the meantime, you can look at the pictures from our ‘field trip.’ Some days I really love my job.

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