In a response to a post from last week, Bike To Work Barb mentioned a ‘Vulnerable Users Bill’ being worked on by the Cascade Bicycle Club of Seattle. I looked it up to find that Mike Hope, a legislator representing Lake Stevens in Western Washington, is introducing legislation that would help victims of hit-and-runs, and their families.

House Bill 2728 would expand eligibility for pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists who have been injured or killed by a hit-and-run driver to receive compensation. House Bill 2730 would expand hit-and-run provisions to differentiate between hitting and leaving the scene of a collision involving a pedestrian, bicyclists or motorcyclist versus a collision with vehicles only.

Hope told the Lake Stevens Journal, “…This legislation recognizes that hitting a pedestrian [or bicyclist] with a vehicle is much more dangerous than hitting a person inside a vehicle. It would provide compensation for victims of a hit and run, whether they are driving victims or walking victims. These provisions are simple, but will mean a lot to future victims and parents.”

What do you think- is this valid legislation because a lot of hit-and-runs are the result of carelessness or do you believe that it’s a case of ‘accidents happen?’

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