During a recent round of “Roundtable Discussions” we hosted asking people what they think of our current transportation system, a theme that kept coming up was crosswalks. People are upset that many aren’t painted around here, despite some studies that say many pedestrians are struck by vehicles in them because of a false sense of security. They think a crosswalk is an obvious sign that cars need to stop for them, so they step out in it and get hit.

Well apparently we’re not the only community struggling with the crosswalk conundrum (did I really just write that?). Vigilantes took street markings into their own hands in a busy Pittsburgh, PA neighborhood intersection and painted four amateur crosswalks. Granted, the crosswalks are all of varying width, but the painter(s) did manage to measure up with the ADA ramps.

Residents of the neighborhood have complained to the city for years that the intersection is dangerous, but are told they can’t paint every four way intersection and traffic through the area isn’t high enough to warrant a crosswalk. Here’s the rest of the story.

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