How did it get to be mid-March already?? Well, however it happened March means construction around here. There are already two City of Spokane construction projects starting next week and many more will follow when this rain lets up.

Unfortunately, with construction comes traffic delays sometimes. Because traffic jams and backups cost us all time and money, SRTC each year puts together an interactive map of all the road construction projects across Spokane County that will impact traffic. You can check out the 2016 Spokane Regional Road Construction Map below or click “view map full size” to go to SRTC’s map page.

You can use the map on any device- computer, tablet or smartphone. Zoom in to your neighborhood to see smaller projects or follow your commute route to see what upcoming projects could slow you down. Click on the icons to get a description of a project, or follow the project sponsor link for more information.

As the construction
season progresses, the Regional Road Construction map will be updated to
reflect when projects are completed or new ones start. The map is updated
weekly. All projects planned for the year will be on the map at all times, but
they will be opaque until construction actually starts, then transparent again
after they are completed. 

So check it out and plan ahead in order to avoid projects that could slow you down.

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