Paul Kropp sent me a heads up that there is a Spokane mention in today’s USA Today. Neither he nor I can find it on their website though, and when I ran down to the lobby to grab a copy, the box was empty!

I don’t have time to run to the store at lunch today so I’m going to take his word on this (I’d say Paul’s a pretty good source) and let him describe it as he did in his email to me (why do work when I can get someone else to do it for me?):

Today’s USA Today has a Snapshot graphic below the fold on the left side that portrays “Cities with least road congestion in peak hours”: Spokane is shown as 4th least (17%) of “metro areas with the lowest percentage of rush- hour travelers stuck in traffic jams.” The source cited is the Texas Transportation Institute.

Thanks Paul! Now I need a little help finishing up my annual Title VI review, got any extra time on your hands?

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