I’m always open to corrections or updates on this blog, so if you see something you have additional info on be sure to let me know. That’s exactly what Todd Solomon did recently on our sister blog for Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organzation (www.kmpo.blogspot.com.). And noticing his email address, I was curious and looked him up on line. According to an online bio I found of Todd Solomon, he’s the Online Community Manager for President Obama’s Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, managing the Secretary’s blog (http://www.fastlane.dot.gov), online presence (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), and new media strategy! How cool is that? Good to know someone is noticing the work us little guys do. So here’s his message:

FYI, just wanted to let you know that the Star-Telegram,, from which The
Olympian got the article referenced by your blog post “LaHood Wants To
Raise Federal Gas Tax,” has corrected its story as below.

You’ll see that–whether or not it’s a good idea, Secretary LaHood did
not endorse it. He only said that it’s up to Congress to hash the
funding out, and adjusting the gas tax is only one of the options they
can use.

I think it’s great that the Kootenai County MPO are following this and
so many other stories so closely. Your citizens are probably better
informed than most on transportation! Hope you’re also following the
Secretary’s blog (http://fastlane.dot.gov) and @RayLaHood Twitter
account. And, if you really want to, you can also fan the Secretary on

Hope you guys can get to one of the Reauthorization Listening Tour stops
when the Secretary gets out west.

Star-Telegram Correction
“Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Congress should debate a range
of options on funding transportation needs, including indexing the
federal gas tax. He did not endorse any option. Information about his
remarks was incorrect Tuesday in an article about the North Texas
Transportation Summit.”

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