New numbers show that Uber and Lyft have become the preferred method of transportation for business travelers. VB reports that third quarter numbers released by online travel and expense management service provider Certify, show that 52 percent of those formerly using transit for work-related purposes recently opted to use a “ride-hailing” service. This is the first time ride hailing is the majority of ground transportation expenses for business travelers.

Uber dominates the market share with 75 percent of travelers over Lyft’s 6 percent. Taxi ridership declined, dropping more than 3 percentage points.

For the most part, the average cost for business travelers also went down. Costs for Uber dropped 10 percent to $22.91, while taxis fell 9.77 percent to $35.91 in recent quarters. Conversely, average Lyft prices rose nearly 5 percent to $21.80.

San Francisco was the top city for Uber and Lyft usage, while taxis were preferred in New York City.

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