To start with, I would like to remind you all that, even mid-day, some of the outlying roads are slick as… well, you know. I just drove Trent from Sullivan to almost Hauser and, even going 35 miles an hour, was still sliding all over.

Second item, I would like to thank one of the County plow drivers. Actually, I would like to thank all of them, but one in particular who works my neighborhood. I don’t know her name, but she is a short, blonde woman with short hair. She does West Newman Lake Drive, Sutton Bay Drive, and probably a lot of other roads in the Newman Lake area. She is always friendly, goes out of the way to plow the mouth of each road so we don’t have to bust through a giant snow berm, and is careful not to plow in our cars in the many areas we have that are very tight. She also plows all the way down the resort road (which I’m not sure is a County road- hope I’m not getting her in trouble) and makes a loop at the bottom so the people who try to stick it out down there year-round can get out. And most important- she has snuck up on me a couple times when I’ve been cross country skiing, and she didn’t lay on the horn and scare the heck out of me like other plow drivers have been known to do on occasion ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyone you want to thank?

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