When Lime first came to town, bringing its bikes and scooters, some people said they will just end up in the river, based on results from a bikeshare experiment here in the 1990s. While I had hoped our collective maturity level had grown since then, apparently some people’s hasn’t because to Lime scooters have been found in the Spokane River, according to the Spokesman-Review.

The scooters were found below the Post Street Bridge. It’s not completely unheard of for this to happen with bike and scootershare programs. Lime’s business model anticipates a degree of vandalism. The company says, across the country, bikes,scooters and other ride-sharing vehicles are periodically thrown into lakes and rivers. Company officials say it’s usually less than one percent of their stock and because they are tracked by GPS, they know where they end up.

Unfortunately, because the scooters ended up between two dams owned by Avista, they will not be retrieved anytime soon for safety reasons.


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