After over a year, we’re almost there! That’s right, I think we’re in the FINAL stages of SRTC’s Transportation Vision Project.

Draft reports from the project are now available for review and public comment. The Spokane Unified Regional Transportation Vision and Implementation Strategy and the Vision Process Summary Report can be found on the Vision Project website.

The Transportation Vision Project is an effort to develop a long-term vision and implementation plan for transportation across the Spokane region. It looked at existing plans and policies regarding transportation; considered community values and the needs of the community.

The project team gathered a LOT of public input in shaping the ‘vision’ including using an online game and a telephone survey to get input. Over a thousand residents and stakeholders participated during the visioning process through different input opportunities.

The Vision and Implementation Strategy includes a series of recommendations and suggestions to meet the identified vision. The Vision Process Summary Report provides detail about the public outreach efforts.

A public comment period for the two documents runs from today to May 9, 2011.

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