The Transportation Choices Coalition
is asking you to help urge Congress to pass a long-term public transportation bill that increases investment in transportation by signing the National Public Transportation Petition. Here is the text from an email sent out last week:

Across the state, it’s the same story for transit agencies — falling revenues, fare hikes and service cuts. Transit is being hit particularly hard because most of their taxing authority comes from local sales taxes, which have seen big drops as a result of the economic downturn.

Signing the Petition has taken an even greater sense of urgency since President Obama’s call to enact a new, six-year transit and highway authorization bill. The transportation funds in this bill will allow for a continuation and expansion of vital programs to upgrade or replace infrastructure, facilities and systems, as well as provide improvements for the riding environment of public transit users.

Act now. The National Public Transportation Petition will be presented by industry leaders on September 22 at an event in Washington, D.C. to highlight to Congress the importance of public transportation across the country. We cannot delay any longer — urge Congress for swift action and keep public transit investment on the national stage. Sign the National Public Transportation Petition today.

>Here is a link to that petition in case you want to sign it or learn more about it.

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