If you couldn’t make it across the state to the ‘Transforming Transportation’ conference at the University of Washington yesterday, you missed out, from what I’ve been told. The conference was sponsored by Futurewise and Transportation Choices for Washington and featured Laura Barrett of the Transportation Equity Network, Art Guzetti of the American Public Transportation Association, and Washington State House Transportation Chair Judy Clibborn.

The conference speakers contend that transportation in our state is at a crucial juncture. Transit ridership and gas prices are reaching all-time highs while transit choices are being slashed across the state. Roads and bridges are in disrepair and almost half of our global warming pollution comes from transportation.

Five white papers on the Transportation for Washington website tackle these subjects and how to address them. The titles include “Create and Serve Jobs,” “Fix It First, Save Lives,” “More Transit,” “Healthy Communities,” and “Invest In Clean Water.”

Hmmm… those titles sound strangely like the recommendations that came out of the Transportation Vision Project SRTC completed last year. We’re in the process of using those recommendations to frame future transportation plans so it’s definetely worth your time to take a look at the white papers.

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