Here’s another reason to get the Bridging the Valley (BTV) series of projects going: The Spokesman-Review reports that a train smashed into a SUV east of Rathdrum yesterday, flipping the car four or five times and ejecting the driver.

BNSF spokesman Gus Melonas said the SUV tried to cross the tracks even though there was no railroad crossing in the area. The train whistle was sounded repeatedly, and even though its emergency brakes were activated, it couldn’t stop in time. The SUV rolled several times, and the driver, identified only as a Post Falls man, was ejected and pinned beneath the hood. He was airlifted to a hospital with internal injuries.

Up to 50 trains use those tracks daily.

Okay, considering that the guy tried to cross the tracks where there isn’t even a crossing tells me that a BTV project probably wouldn’t have prevented this collission, but it could help prevent others, by either raising the road up to go over tracks or dropping it under, like at the tracks near Argonne. Separating vehicles and trains would make it might difficult for them to come in contact and could save lives.

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