When I used to work in the media, we would pay millions of dollars to consultants every year to analyze our work and tell us what gets the attention of the public. One thing that came out of those studies is that it takes the average person FIVE TIMES of hearing something before they really absorb it and can speak it back to you accurately.

So listen up: Visioning Process Visioning Process Visioning Process Visioning Process Visioning Process
Got it? I’m going to be blogging about our Visioning Process a LOT in the next few months so that’s why I’m harping on it now; we want to let the maximum amount of people know about this project so that they can be involved.

The Visioning Process, in partnership with local jurisdictions and various community partners, has a goal of developing a Unified Regional Transportation Vision and an implementation plan for Spokane County for the next 30 to 50 years.

The Visioning Process is looking at all modes of transportation-transit, bicycling, walking, personal vehicles, freight, etc.- within Spokane County, as well as how they contribute and interact with each other and economic development.

This is a HUGE process. And this is your chance to voice your thoughts on the subject of transportation. I know a lot of people around here have a lot of ideas about how things should be. But a lot of the time we only hear those thoughts second hand or after the fact. Well let’s get them on the record folks. Send me your email address and I’ll put you on my list of people to send updates, meeting announcements, report drafts, etc. to.

In the meantime, check out this page of the SRTC website for more Visioning information. There’s an information sheet posted there that I just linked. If you really wanted to help me out, you’d print it out and hand it to someone that you know. Or just tell them about the visioning process.

So, I’m done ranting now. What’s your idea of an ideal transportation system in say 40 years?

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