Get this- someone has died on Texas roads EVERY SINGLE DAY since November 7, 2000. Since then, there has been at least one fatal crash or traffic fatality somewhere in the state every day, according to CityLab. That’s a streak of 791 weeks.

Why? Several reasons. Texas has over 675,000 miles of roads, which is a lot more than any other state. Plus there is the population. In Houston, San Antonio and Dallas alone there are five million people. Texas speed limits are also higher than most states and Texans average more miles driven per year than people in any other state except California.

As CityLab says, Texas just has more people in more cars on more roads.This epidemic isn’t being ignored though. In 2015, the #EndTheStreakTX campaign was launched to fight the leading cause of Texas traffic fatalities- driving under the influence.

The Texas Department of Transportation maintains calendars showing how many people died in traffic on every day of the year. They reveal that more traffic deaths happen on Saturdays and Sundays and that traffic fatalities cluster around  holidays associated with alcohol consumption like New Year’s Eve, Halloween, and the Fourth of July.

To view the calendars, click the link above.

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