Eve cheated and roped our intern Levi into
helping with her filing.

So just a heads up that there will be little to no blogging today because staff took the day off from regular duties to clean out 30 years of files. I started doing it about six months ago, but working alone I was getting nowhere, so we decided to take one day and just crank it out. 

Mallory has so many file boxes to go
through I don’t think she can get out of
her office to make tamales.

Kevin is REALLY excited about
making tamales.
The good news though (for us anyway) is that there’s a reward in it for us. The bossman learned to make tamales while living in Arizona and we each brought in an ingredient and formed a production line to make them. I, of course, am the official photographer of Tamale/Filing Fling 2012. 

This is great guys but
what are the rest of you
going to eat?

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