We’re still looking for your transportation priorities and opinions with an internet survey, so if you haven’t taken our Horizon 2040 survey yet, please do. And pass it on to your friends.

The input you give will help to develop Horizon 2040, our Metropolitan, or long range, Transportation Plan. Horizon 2040 will identify and prioritize transportation projects and programs to be implemented through the year 2040. Key focus areas for the plan include economic vitality, stewardship, cooperation and leadership, quality of life, choice and mobility, system operations, maintenance and preservation, and safety and security.

What’s different about Horizon 2040 from earlier long range plans though is that there is significantly less funding to be spent on transportation in the future than we’ve had in the past. The plan includes a list of projects to be constructed or completed between now and 2040. And it must be financially constrained, meaning if we say there are X billions of dollars in projects to be done, we have to prove that amount of money will be available to do it. That means choices will have to be made as to what is considered a priority and what isn’t. Which is where your opinion helps and the survey comes in.

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