Okay all you armchair transportation planners, this is your chance to have a say in how transportation works around here. SRTC needs new members for its Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC).

TAC members are responsible for advising the SRTC Board on recommendations regarding plans, programs, and activities conducted by SRTC. The purpose of the TAC is to promote transparency and provide an opportunity for the public to be involved in SRTC’s programs.

The TAC is composed of 13 members that meet monthly. You don’t have to have any technical transportation experience, we just ask that you can read and understand the fundamentals of land use and transportation planning as established in the Revised Code of Washington. That makes it sound like a drag, but it’s not. It’s a fun group for the most part and we have some lively meetings. The biggest reason you’re going to want to joint though is because I am the staff liaison to the TAC. Don’t all line up at once now.

For more information on the TAC or to apply to be a member, click here. The deadline to submit applications is Wednesday, May 18.

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