The second official Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting was yesterday. Here’s what we got done:

– Installed our new Chair Person(Barb Chamberlain) and drew member terms of either 1,2 or 3 years.

– Had an update on the West Plains- Spokane International Airport Transportation Study (we meet today for that study to start developing solutions to issues identified in the course of the study).

– Had an update on the Visioning Process that SRTC is currently working on. We reviewed a couple memos submitted by the consultant conducting that process and played with a new website being made to publicize the process. Stay tuned, we should be unveiling that website next week.

– Discussed updating the list of SmartRoutes projects as some have been constructed and some don’t have the public support they need and the Regional Priority Project List.

Speaking of Bike to Work Barb (as I did above), she showed up for the meeting in a pretty chic suit- on her bike. That’s right, Barb showed the guys how’s it’s done in a skirt and heels, and got some interesting comments about it. She blogged about her bicycle ride in a dress here.

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