For those of you who were trying to fill out the “Summer Parkways” survey but having trouble, the issue has been fixed and we’re ready to roll again. Here’s the link.

And here’s some background on Summer Parkways:

I work with a ‘non-motorized’ group that’s made up of representatives from the City of Spokane, the Spokane Regional Health District, the Lands Council, the YMCA/YWCA, STA, and several others.

One of the projects we’ve been working on is a possible new event called “Summer Parkways.” It involves the closure of streets to vehicular traffic for a day or part of a day in favor of walking, bicycling, rolling, and other non-motorized forms of transportation. Walkers, runners, bikers, seniors, adults, and children would be able to enjoy neighborhood streets filled with a variety of activities along the route – all in a car-free environment.

These “Summer Parkways” events have been held in other parts of the country and the world as an opportunity to encourage people to become more physically active and to help build community. Here’s a short video about one that happened in New York and here’s info on one in Bogota, Colombia.

Now what we need to know is if you would be interested in having a Summer Parkway event in our community. Please fill out the survey above, then send the link on to anyone else you know who might be interested. Thanks!

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