Spokesman-Review Letters to the Editor
Respect reserved parking

I am a freshman at Mead High School, and my dad was recently injured. He is now restricted to a wheelchair. In a parking lot, handicap parking spots are intended for disabled people only. Unfortunately, there are many people who look for a quick way to the front door and abuse the handicap spots. With slick ice on the streets, it takes someone in a wheelchair even longer to wheel up to a door.
People often forget handicap-accessible cars often have ramps. Handicap spots with ramp space are crucial. I get extremely frustrated when I see a perfectly normal and healthy individual jump right out of their car to walk to the door from a handicap parking space, while my dad drives around searching for somewhere to deploy his ramp. He usually finds this spot in the very back of the parking lot, where no cars park.
My dad would give anything to be able to walk even 10 steps to the door. Please, do a favor for disabled people around town; only park in a handicap spot if you are in need of one. You will be appreciated.

Ciara McManus

Has anyone else noticed a lot of this abuse going on recently? I hear about it occasionally but it seems it’s gotten worse lately.

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